Our Institutions

Our Institutions


Word of Life Church


More than 350 churches throughout the states of Brazil. We also have implanted churches in the following countries: Angola, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Spain, United States, United Kingdom, France, Japan, Mozambique, Paraguay, Portugal, Switzerland and Uruguay.


Rhema Bible Training Center


It is a Bible college with more than 100 branches in Brazil. We also have Rhema in Angola, Argentina, Chile, Japan and Portugal. Rhema Training Center has the mission of taking the Word of faith throughout Brazil and the world, changing lives through the revelation of the Word of God.


Word of Life Ministerial Association


This association has more than 800 associated ministers.


Rhema Alumni Association


This association gathers Rhema Bible Training Center graduates throughout Brazil and the world. Currently, it has more than 3500 associates.


Rhema School of Ministers


This school is an extension of Rhema Bible Training Center, focused on training ministers of the Gospel. Its headquarters is in Campina Grande (Brazil).  


Rhema School of World Missions


This school is an extension of Rhema Bible Training Center, focused on training missionaries that will go throughout the world.


Rhema Healing Center


This center promotes the teaching of the Word of God, along with counseling and praying to people with illnesses in their bodies.


Word of Life Agency of Missions


This agency has many associated missionaries, graduated in Rhema Brazil. The agency also provides support for the successful progress of their works outside Brazil.

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